What is malware?
Malware is a term used to describe all the various forms of viruses now in the wild – downloaders, trojans, keyloggers, spyware, etc. Lately, the advertising industry has adopted many of techniques used by hackers to get their trackers and toolbars installed in your computer. So, I now have to label most of them as malware also.

Where does malware come from?
When the internet first started, there were some people who found it amusing and ego-boosting to hack into websites just to prove they could. It wasn’t much different than simple vandalism. But most of today’s hackers are in it for the money, and they are serious criminals. Many of them live in foreign countries like Russia, where they support their families with their illegal activities. You can pick up an infection by opening an infected email, (especially by opening an attachment), or by visiting a website that has been hacked into. There are also website “traps”, websites set up for the express purpose of spreading malware.

Won’t my antivirus program stop the malware?
Unfortunately, not all of it.  Your antivirus is only part of the solution.  Hackers have learned how to circumvent many of the big name antivirus programs.  You also need to learn to be a smart computer user.  For our latest recommendations in security practices and programs, please give us a call.  Meanwhile, when in doubt, don’t click!

Where can I learn more about removing malware myself?
Follow this link to Tom’s site:  www.malware-removal-guide.com

What’s the best computer to buy?

Purchase locally! We have to get it right, because we have to answer to our customers in person.

Where can I recycle my old computer?
We are now a drop-off location for IMS Recyling. Recycle ANY electronics (except old TVs and CRT monitors) for FREE in an earth-friendly way. Just stop in and toss ’em into the bins.