We’re proud to be a respected part of this community!
At Battle Ground Computers, we offer a unique blend of hometown service and professional expertise.  In addition to their more than 30 years of computer/IT experience, Tom and Eric spend considerable time reading the latest technical blogs and security sites to keep skills up to date.  They’re backed up by our assistant tech, Spencer, who brings his own special abilities to the workbench. Our talented technicians can handle the full spectrum of your computer repair and service needs.

*    Plain English ~ friendly advice ~ patient assistance
*    Set pricing, so there’s never a surprise
*    No appointment needed ~ walk-ins always welcome
*    Convenient parking right at our front door
*    Easy load-in/load-out.  Our techs are happy to help if you need assistance carrying your machine.

Malware removal and prevention
In the last two years, we have seen hackers become bolder and more creative in their efforts to infect computers.  Most are using techniques that are undectectable by traditional scanners.  Rather than diagnosing problems based on symptoms or errors (they’re just clues for us), we use sophisticated analyzers to look “under the hood” to pinpoint and diagnose the CAUSE of problems.

Security and Training
Once your computer is repaired, we offer one-on-one training in how to use our recommended security tools to protect the computer from future infections.  By using these tools and techniques, we teach you how to recognize the social engineering tactics the hackers use.  (If you’d like to learn more about malware removal, visit theMalware Removal Guide.)

Hardware repair

As part of the diagnostic process, we check for common hardware issues: we test memory, do a hard drive diagnostic, make visual inspection for loose coolers, blown capacitors, etc.

Laptop Repairs
We do screen and keyboard replacement, jack repair or replacement, and other specialty laptop repairs.

Tablet Repair
We’ll shortly be offering screen and jack replacement on tablets as well. Call for information.

New and Refurbished Computers
While the Windows 7 operating system is no longer available in major retail stores, we can still build a custom desktop PC running Windows 7 just for you. In addition, we have access to brand new Acer/Gateway 15″ and 17″ laptops running Windows 7. Pricing is very competitive. Call us for details.

We usually have a selection of quality refurbished desktop PCs in stock. We can also order refurbished laptops with warranties from our trusted supplier. Just give us a call and let know how we can meet your needs. Either way, you can get into an updated machine for much less than you would spend to buy new.